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Lithium Batteries



Yes - TCI Express Courier Service specialises in handling products that contain Lithium Batteries - providing professional packaging materials as well as sending anywhere including domestic and international via road, sea and air freight. Call or drop in to your local Quick Post Delivery service centre.


Since recent changes in law, Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries have been classified as dangerous goods and can only be freighted to destinations following compliance with strict guidelines imposed by the International Air Transport .


Consequently, most postal and courier companies will not accept packages containing lithium batteries from consumers (particularly via air). However, with over 100 service centres throughout the UK and an international network growing across the world, TCI Express Courier Service has the packaging and freight expertise to meet all the required regulations, offering consumers the utmost in convenience and peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What devices contain Lithium Batteries?

Lithium Batteries are contained in numerous devices including: iPhones and mobile phones, iPods, cameras, MP3 players, portable DVD players, most laptop computers, camcorders, power tools, GPS navigation systems, watches, clocks, calculators, some toys, remote car locks, bicycle lights, electronic shavers and many other consumer electronic devices.


How do I send Lithium Batteries?

Phone, email or come into any of TCI Express Courier Service' 100 plus service centres and we'll take care of the problem for you. We can organise to pick it up, package it and then send it to your required destination. It's as easy as that.


Can I send Lithium Batteries overseas?

Yes you can. Through TCI Express Courier Service' extensive service, you can have your consignment sent anywhere in the UK or the world via air, road or sea.