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Sending personal effects, household goods and excess baggage by

Air Freight to the USA


Yes - TCI Express Courier Service is a reputable international courier, and we can send personal effects, household goods and excess baggage by aircraft to the USA.

Our airfreight solutions include Express Courier and Economy Airfreight Express. These air delivery services include processing, transit, customs clearance (excluding any government charges and taxes) and delivery to the door. Tracking and signed delivery is also provided for added security and peace of mind.

As a result of recent incidences to passenger aircraft destined to the USA, the US Transportation Security Administration issued additional security directives for the airline industry and freight forwarders for all inbound freight to the United States. These new security directives include personal effects and household goods now being identified as 'high risk'. These goods now require additional security measures by freight companies as well as being only permitted to be carried on all-cargo aircraft and not on passenger aircraft.

Consequently, most airfreight and courier companies will not accept personal effects and household goods for delivery to the USA. However, with over 100 service centres throughout the UK and an international network growing across the world, TCI Express Courier Service is able to meet the strict new security airfreight measures. Therefore, our customers can continue to enjoy the utmost in convenience and peace of mind in sending their personal effects by air to the USA.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can TCI Express Courier Service deliver personal effects by Air to the USA when other courier and freight companies cannot? TCI Express Courier Service is a leading service provider to international travellers wishing to send excess baggage and personal effects back home. TCI Express Courier Service therefore, has the volume, systems, supplier alliances, packaging and freight expertise to meet the additional security directives of the US Transportation Security Administration.

How do I send personal effects, excess baggage and household goods by airfreight to the USA? Phone, email or come into any of TCI Express Courier Service's 100 plus service centres and we'll take care of the problem for you. We can organise to pick it up, package it and then send it to your required destination. It's as easy as that.

Do you also offer a sea freight delivery service for personal effects to the USA? Yes - we offer a very economical sea freight service. TCI Express Courier Service has access to multiple freight, courier and shipping services. This means that no matter what your needs are in terms of budget, delivery time and reliability, TCI Express Courier Service can provide a solution.

What do I do if I have any questions? You can drop into your nearest TCI Express Courier Service service centre or, alternatively.