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Vision, Purpose & Values


  Our Vision

The Long Term Destination for our Business

We see the world with No Limits. We know from where we came with our humble beginnings, so we know there are absolutely no limitations as to where we can go in the future. We believe that limitations are only the limitations are those you set upon yourself.

Our vision is to provide people and businesses with global access to TCI Express Courier Service services.



Our Purpose

What We Continuously Seek to Achieve

Our purpose is to provide people and businesses with the most convenient access to a limitless range of one-stop-shop solutions when sending anything anywhere.


  Our Values Our Enduring Beliefs - they guide our actions and decisions as we strive to achieve our purpose:

1. The Customer is Paramount

We place the customer experience at the core of all we do.

We recognise that our success relies on the support of our customers and that they always have a choice. Therefore, we believe a superior customer service experience with a 'no limits' attitude is the key to our success.

2. People are the cornerstone of our success

We promote an environment of teamwork, mutual respect and growth in learning and personal development.

We recognise that the company's success depends upon the initiative taken individually and the ability to work as a team. Therefore, we believe in recruiting quality people, mentoring and training for performance, engaging them with the brand values, listening for feedback and leading with integrity.

3. Systems are the foundation of great organisations

We believe the true product of our business is not what we sell but how we sell it. That is, the true product of our business is the business itself - the systems.

We recognise that the success of our organisation is dependent on all people in the business following a system. Therefore, we believe in the systemisation of all areas of our business for uniform application across our network - so that we can achieve higher productivity and customers can always experience a consistent superior service.

4. Growth is an imperative

Growth creates value for our customers, our brand, our franchise partners and our organisation.

We recognise that we participate in a large growing market - and that the only measure as to whether we are offering something of value to our community is strong medium and long term growth. Therefore, we actively seek sustainable, profitable revenue growth by encouraging relentless pursuit of our vision and purpose.

5. Innovation is part of our DNA

Our company was built on innovation and we are committed to constant and never ending improvement.

We recognise that creativity and change is essential to achieving growth. Therefore, we believe in striving to anticipate and respond to changing customer needs through constant evolution and innovation.