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Door to Door & Door to Depot


Excess Baggage Services

TCI Express Courier Service offers a range of both sea and air cargo services for sending personal effects overseas. We offer both 'Door-to-Door' and 'Door-to-Depot' services. The differences between these two types of services are briefly explained in the table below:


The TCI Express Courier Service price for 'Door-to-Door' covers the total delivery and clearing service (excluding government charges and taxes). The Door-to-Depot price is for delivery to the depot only.

You should note that with the Door-to-Depot service there may be further ancillary charges to pay at the destination and this may include airport terminal fees, storage fees, and documentation fees. At most destinations, you can clear your goods by yourself to avoid customs clearance charges, but it requires time to visit the Customs office with your passport, shipping documents and complete the necessary Customs forms.

A Door-to-Depot service does not necessarily mean a cheaper service than the total Door-to-Door service. In many cases (depending on the destination and consignment size) a Door-to-Door service can be far more economical as well as being very convenient.Contact your local TCI Express Courier Service service centre to discuss which will be the best option for your needs.